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Taking an Amazon River Cruise - What to Expect


An Amazon River cruise is an extra ordinary experience that offer you many great benefits. After all, it covers eight countries and has a basin a hundred percent larger than India. Finding your way down this famous river and its myriad of tributaries requires expertise, and you will certainly need professional help like all other travelers. Leading these organized tours are usually knowledgeable guides who also provide interesting facts  about the river, its culture  and ecology, thus making the trip even more fun and enjoyable.  


About the Amazon River


The Amazon River, with its innumerable tributaries, stretches down a span of eight countries. From Peru, the River flows right through the rainforests of Brazil and down to the Atlantic Ocean which is found on the northwest Brazilian coast. Amazon tours may also cover exploring the waters of the key tributaries reaching into Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Guyana. How many countries an Amazon River cruise will cover varies, depending on the specific tour.


The Wildlife


The World Bank says more than one-third of the world's species reside in the Brazilian Amazon, and the exotic animals living in the river and the forest are undeniably a huge attraction for travelers. There are many Amazon River dolphins in view. These dolphins look very different from those that are found in marine water, with females coming in a gray color and males in various shades of pink, from deep and bright to powder. Most interesting species usually hide themselves, but howler monkeys, macaws and toucans are always glad to make their presence felt by making loud sounds.


Guided Tours


While going an Amazon tour, travelers get to see various wildlife both in the river and the forest. However, there are certain amazon tours companies that actually offer educational activities about the Amazonian species. For example, they may include camping, hiking and canoeing in their itineraries. With some tours, the focus is photography, not only of wildlife but also of people and cultural sights. With some tours, sightseeing and accommodation are included in addition to river cruises. 




Amazon River cruises at http://www.amazontours.co/ are possible through a variety of transportation vessels. The boat or tour provider you choose will not only determine how much you pay, the level of comfort you can enjoy and the size of the tour group, but also the general quality of your Amazonian experience. The smaller boats can bring you nearer the shore such that you can see the fauna and flora of the rainforest much closer, while the larger ones can give you a wider variety of lodging selections. A lot of tours also give you the chance to reach into the smaller river tributaries using regular canoes or smaller boats.

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